About us

Taken from the Latin word Alius, the etymology behind the name AltriA reveals our main objective: caring for others. It is a name that gets to the heart of our interest and passion in providing prompt responses to your problems. We use a set of tools and techniques designed to optimise solutions so we can achieve what we like to describe as squaring the circle. AltriA is a company that specialises in innovative solutions, satisfying your every need with experience and professionalism.

Our analysis is always thorough and balanced between costs and services, allowing us to turn conferences, trade shows and events into special occasions that strengthen your brand image and make you the driving force behind your own success.

Throughout the collaboration materials and suppliers are carefully selected, following a creative and original plan. Our simple and effective solutions will not only meet all your requirements but can reach you wherever you are; AltriA’s consolidated experience in the sector means that its services in Italy and abroad are available to you to give you total support, any time, any place.

In addition, AltriA increased its scope some time ago by entering the Mass Retailing field, with a service created out of the extensive growth and maturation periods each member of our staff has undergone

Now we are able to offer every possible service - planning, construction, assembly and disassembly - with a fast turnaround and absolute adherence to date and delivery deadlines.