Personalised Layouts

Whether in Italy or abroad, conferences and trade fairs have always been the best opportunities for companies that want to make themselves known. That is why AltriA aims to design a layout for your stand whereby the main objective is to create a space that presents and reflects you in the best possible light.  

We carefully choose colours, shapes and materials to create a strong brand image that says more about you than any word could. Our company will see to every stage in the creation of a dynamic, high impact stand that will attract attention without detracting from what you want to communicate. The accuracy of the details and the experience of our team will stay true to your ideas, creating a project that represents you and making the stand a secure and guaranteed investment in your visibility. In addition, AltriA designs and creates versatile stands that can be adapted to exhibition spaces of varying shapes and sizes, meaning you can always represent your brand effectively and coherently.

Our support doesn’t end here: as well as construction and installation of the stand, AltriA offers a storage service, including maintenance assistance, freeing you from the inconvenience of having to find space and time to take care of the stored material. Thanks to on site transportation, it also guarantees reuse for future events. When working with AltriA, the contracting company is then relieved of all duties concerning bureaucratic aspects such as authorisation requests, sending documentation or requesting technical supplies.