Mass retailing

For years AltriA has been part of the Mass Retail scene, within which it offers its expertise and services.

We can provide OMD sales points with furniture items made to measure such as welcome desks, food back stations, fitted walls, and everything needed to meet every functional requirement. To do this, AltriA takes individual measurements to determine how to adjust the furniture in the sales point area, arranging the choices with the client, and basing them on the guidelines for the coordinated company image.

AltriA is able to support the work through additional services such as assembly/disassembly of shelving and the transfer of furniture materials between the various sales points, all adhering to every time related requirement, with compulsory delivery dates and times.

Finally, in its capacity as General Contractor, AltriA is able to carry out refurbishment– demolition, masonry, new flooring, system installation, whitewashing, customisation – inside and outside the sales points.